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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Back in the swing with HDH, and WIP, Fractured Prologue. ellen__cross

After the changeover of my isp dragging on for a couple of weeks, I am now back online, and back in the swing with Hump Day Hook!

Each Wednesday, participating authors share a snippet of either a published, or WIP.

This week, I share more from the prologue of my WIP, Fractured, with you all.

He straightened and rolled his shoulders, a new resolve firm in his mind as he met the eye of each of his brothers, sisters, and their mates. While his siblings were each unique in their spirits and abilities, they were born of the same father—a god who apparently loved variety, yet cared little for the responsibilities left to him by his choices in bed partners. It didn't matter. They didn't see shifter, vampire, warlock, and more, as they looked toward each other...they saw family, an unbreakable bond that tied them to each other for eternity. And as it was their father's careless ways that had sowed the blackened seed that would create the root of destruction that unfolded in the reflection, it was an unspoken vow that they would deal with it.

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  1. They seem to have a nice dad. It's good that they stick together thought. I wonder who raised them.

  2. That is quite the family! I hope they can work together to save the world. :)

  3. This looks edgy :) Nice hook.

    {Elin Gregory but it keeps saying anonymous]

  4. You've hooked me! Great snippet!

  5. An interesting set up there.

  6. Great family unit...nice descriptive commentary about the father god. Nicely done!

  7. This unusual family background sets the stage for a very interesting story. Can't wait to read more :)