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Saturday, June 29, 2013

#MySexySaturday, starting off the weekend with heat from Wolf Sanctuary and @ellen__cross

The weekend wouldn't be the same without a little "My Sexy Saturday" magic, the bloghop that celebrates participating authors work with either seven words, sentences, or paragraphs.
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This week I  am going to share a little snippet from Wolf Sanctuary, my MM romance that will be released soon with EXtasy Books If you are under 18, please stop reading any further and click on the banner above. This excerpt is strictly for adult viewing only please.
The crazed expression on Sean's face, the laboured breaths that expanded his chest and pushed his erect nipples out, had Reece's ass clenching at the un-spoken promise of the reaming it was no doubt about to receive.
Sean fisted the sides of his t-shirt, ripping it straight down the middle before tossing it to one side, his eyes never once leaving Reece's. He unbuckled his belt and pulled it out of his Jeans, laying it carefully to one side of the bed. The intent was clear...Reece was going to be dominated in the most delicious of ways. Oh fuck yeah! 
In the split second it took Reece to look at the belt at his side and back at his mate, Sean's jeans and boxers were nowhere in sight. His hybrid mate's cock pointed straight at him, as if accusing him of its currently engorged state—the crown an angry purple colour that peeked through his foreskin, begging Reece's tongue to taste every thick inch of its uncut flesh.
"Lose the loincloth, before I rip it off you."


Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Hump Day Hook, up the sizzle, with another peak into Holly's Healing with @ellen__cross #HDH

Just when the mid-week slump was starting to slow you down...the Hump Day Hook weekly blog saves the day with another round of highly addictive temptations!
Why not join with me in sharing the small snippets on offer from the many extremely talented authors, who share with us each week?
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This week I share another sizzling temptation from my interracial ménage, Holly's Healing.
I don't think I need to set the scene with this one, it speaks for itself :)

A warm hand on his shoulder squeezed the tightly clenched muscles, making him realise just how stiffly he held his whole body. The reassurance that Wade was there with him lifted a huge weight off his chest. Relaxing his body, Dean leant in closer to Holly, wrapping his arms around her back as her tender kisses fuelled the fire within the pit of his stomach further. God, the feeling was unbelievable. How could a simple kiss stir such feeling within him? Was this what it was meant to feel like? Was this why teenagers around the world remained glued to each other’s faces constantly, regardless of who was watching?
 Holly's Healing is available at EXtasy Books, and where all good ebooks are sold.

Saturday, June 22, 2013

#MySexySaturday sneaks a peak into Wolf Sanctuary with @ellen__cross

Welcome to My Sexy Saturday, the weekly blog that features many talented authors, who freely share either 7 words, sentences, or paragraphs, from their work.
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This week I am sharing a little from upcoming  MM romance new release, Wolf Sanctuary

Reece's eyes sought out Sean. His very blood zinged through his veins as the power of the spirits coursed through his body. His cock lay thick and heavy against his abdomen, jerking when he spotted his hybrid mate watching him with an intense gaze—his nails unsheathed and digging into the arms of the chair he sat in. Sean had a near-feral glaze to his eyes, the red flecks had grown larger, giving the pupil's a ruby appearance—a clear indication that his thirst was riding him hard. He had the cure for that.
All it took was a small step to the side to showcase the long expanse of naked thigh and hip his loin cloth didn't cover, to his mate...and Sean leapt from the chair and hefted Reece over his shoulder in one quick movement. The air oomphed out of Reece as Sean practically ran through the cabin and slammed their bedroom door behind them 

Wolf Sanctuary will be coming soon to EXtasy Books, and all good ebook stores near you!! 

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

#HDH Dean confronts Wade in Holly's Healing with @ellen__cross

Guess what...yep, it's our favourite day of the week,
it's Hump Day Hook day!!
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This week I am sharing another snippet from Holly's Healing.
In this scene, Dean is confronting Wade, over Holly.
What’s this thing you have going with Holly—do you want her to yourself? Am I in the way?"
Wade threw his head back, holding an arm across his stomach as peals of laughter filled the room. Wiping the back of a hand across his face, Wade shook his head. "Where on earth did you get an idea like that from? Sure I want her, all naked, wet, and moaning beneath me. But not without you. I know you want her too, Dean, so don’t even try and start that shit with me. She’s perfect for us, can’t you see that?"


Saturday, June 15, 2013

My Sexy Saturday visits Cupid's Revenge - @ellen_cross #MySexySaturday

Welcome to another My Sexy Saturday. The weekly blog hop that featured either seven words, sentences, or paragraphs of the participating author's work, and for free!
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This week, we take a peak into my MM paranormal romance, Cupid's Revenge

Liam had removed his shoes and socks, lining the shoes perfectly under his bed on his side of the room. He then neatly folded his socks, before dropping them down the laundry chute near the door. He followed with his jacket, shirt, undershirt and tie, all folded perfectly before sliding them down the stainless steel slide. 

He rolled up his belt after freeing it from his pants, placing it carefully into his underwear drawer. His pants went the same way as his clothes, precisely folded before being sent away.  

Ethan had had to bite his cheek to keep from laughing. He had ripped his own clothes off hastily, bundling them up before throwing the lot down the chute in one messy pile. 

Liam glared at him, looking like he had wanted to say something, but held his tongue. That was until he had turned his back and spotted the stray sock that had fallen from Ethan’s pile of washing. 

“Pick. That. Up.” He angrily punctuated each word through tightly clenched teeth, all while pointing a finger at the offending article of

Ethan purposefully eyed the sock with disinterest and then looked back at Liam. He crossed his arms over his chest in challenge.
 “Make me.” 

Liam’s face reddened, his eyes narrowing as he clenched and unclenched his fists by his side. He stepped forward, toe to toe with Ethan, who dropped his arms and allowed him to get as close as he pleased. While Liam might not have caught on yet, the coarse curly hairs on his chest were teasing Ethan’s small pink nipples, hardening them to rock hard peaks. Ethan’s cock thickened to half-mast at the mere closeness of Liam’s musky scented skin…so close, just a breath away.

Cupid's Revenge is available now from EXtasy Books, Amazon, and all good ebook stores 

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Hump Day Hook gets down and dirty with more from Holly's Healing #HDH @ellen__cross

Welcome to another week of Hump Day Hook
And what a week I have in store for you!
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For my steamy teaser this week, we once again visit my ménage romance, Hollys' Healing
In this scene, Dean is tempted to his limits.
"You should smell her, bro. She smells so sweet and musky. I can’t wait to taste her, but I want you to first."
Wade captured Holly’s slim wrist and pulled it down to her glistening heat.
"Give him a taste, baby. Let him feel your honey on his tongue while I make you come."
Holly’s breath hitched. Without hesitation, she ran her fingers along her splayed sex, gathering moisture as she did so. She looked up at Dean, her fingers held out in offering to him.


Saturday, June 8, 2013

#2 My Sexy Saturday with Holly's Healing, @ellen__cross #MySexySaturday

Welcome to the second week of My Sexy Saturday!
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For my snippet today, I have chosen to add seven sentences from my bestselling ménage romance, Holly's Healing.
In this scene, Holly is taking her first taste of Wade.
His muscular contours, while firmly defined, were incredibly warm and soft beneath her seeking fingertips. The dusky covering of dark curly hair over the centre of his chest trailed off to a thin line leading down beneath the opening of his jeans. The hair tickled her palm as she sifted it through her fingers, mapping the planes of his body with her touch. Each inch she caressed pushed her own need higher, her panties moistening as she drew his unique and heady scent into her lungs. Like a drug, it rushed through her core, firing sensations along the way. She craved more, craved him in a way she had never felt in her life before. Her mind shut down to all but the most primal of needs, and by God she was going to get her fill before she awakened and found this had all been just a dream.

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

#HDH Hump Day visits Cupid's Revenge with @ellen__cross

Welcome to this week's Hump Day Hook!
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This week, I am diving deep into Cupid's Revenge, my m/m paranormal romance!
In this scene, Ethan is sensually teasing Liam while he watches, but refuses to let himself touch.

Ethan chuckled. “Pushy one, aren’t you?” He
lifted his hips, stabbing his steely length into his
slippery tight fist. Just knowing Liam was there
watching, hungering as he instructed him on how
to touch himself, made the pleasure all that more
intense. He was sure Liam was battling not to join
in. He could see the unbridled hunger just a hair
beneath the surface of the carefully controlled
mask Liam wore. Ethan would bet a whole year’s
worth of the comics he loved that that was all it
was…a mask. He’d bet that inside all that cold
bravado, Liam was a lost little boy crying out for
someone to touch him, not physically…but to
touch his soul…to make it feel for once in his life.


Saturday, June 1, 2013

#MySexySaturday - Get carried away with my WIP, In His Service. @ellen__cross

I am so excited to welcome everyone to share in this, the first week of a brand new weekly experience called, My Sexy Saturday.

Each Saturday, participating authors will share a little something, either 7 words, sentences, or paragraphs, from either something they have published, or are working on. Aspiring author, or multi-published professional...all are welcome to join in the fun!

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For this first week, I would love to share with everyone, seven paragraphs of a WIP I have near ready for submission, called, In His Service. If you love hot exotic locations, and even hotter men...then this one may be  just what you are after.

There on the floor, was the most delicious heart shaped backside he had ever seen, wiggling back and forth hypnotically in front of him. Ali watched for several minutes as the hips and bottom shimmied left, then right as the woman rubbed the fireplace thoroughly.

Unable to stop his mind wandering, he couldn't help but imagine what those hips would feel like, gripped in his hands as he drove himself deeply into her. Shaking his head to clear his thoughts, he bent forward to stand when she lent up to reach the highest points on the fireplace, and turned slightly to dust the top corner. In the light of the sun shining through the high window, Ali could see the delicious full curve of her breast, outlined through her blouse, the upturned tip straining against the fabric.

"Oh Allah be merciful," he thought as he felt himself harden, a heated throbbing quickly draining any rational thought of turning away from the sight in front of him. He watched her graceful movements, mesmerized, and wondered who this beauty could possibly be. The brilliant sunlight flooding the window from her waist up made it impossible to make out any details of her face, only a silhouetted profile gave him any clue, and from that alone he knew she was indeed beautiful.

As she stood her skirt rode up, exposing shapely, smooth calves and thighs. She tugged it down again, and he was silently disappointed at being denied the breathtaking view, until it hit him like a ton of bricks. Her calves and thighs were pale skinned! This woman could only be the law-breaking foreigner he had sentenced to work for him. Well, that ended that moment of pleasure.

He put the book carefully back into the bookcase and was just turning to leave the room when he noticed that she now stood on a stool, reaching right over on the tips of her toes so she could dust the top of a gold gilded mirror above the fireplace. As she strained to reach the very top of the ornate frame, the stool tottered sharply and started to tip.

As if in slow motion, Ali sprang into action, racing toward her and capturing her in his arms, just as she fell with a loud, "Oomph." 
He cradled her to his chest, as if she were a child. She felt so good, wrapping her arms around his neck to hold on. He couldn't help but lean over and inhale deeply of the lightly spiced scent of soap against the skin of her throat.  She turned, and every ounce of breath escaped his lungs as the brilliant emerald of her frightened eyes finally met his.