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Sunday, September 29, 2013

#MSS 18 Delta Blues upcoming release, with @ellen__cross


Welcome to week 18 of My Sexy Saturday!

The blog hop that shares seven words, sentences, or paragraphs of an authors work, with the world!


This week I am sharing the first seven sentences of my new upcoming  Halloween release, Delta Blues.

Grey watched the movements of the little shifter, dancing on stage. The way his narrow hips swirled, his pale yet smoothly skinned buttocks clenching slightly as he swung around the slender silver pole he clung to, held Grey entranced. Even the dainty little toes the wolf pointed as he wrapped a leg around the pole and leant—arching his back at a near impossible angle—made his mouth water. The cheap and nasty decorations draped around the place, for the upcoming Halloween celebrations, didn't detract from the shifter one little bit. In fact, the gaudy fake cobwebs, spiders, and skeletons hanging from the edges of the stage, only highlighted his beauty. Like a precious gem nestled against a background of tacky trinkets...he shone.
The team members by his side whooped and hollered encouragement as they watched on, enjoying the show the small man gave. Lawson dug his elbow into Grey's ribs as he whistled, while Boson­­—Bo to his friends—fist pumped the air and bounced on his seat.

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My Sexy Saturday

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Back in the swing with HDH, and WIP, Fractured Prologue. ellen__cross

After the changeover of my isp dragging on for a couple of weeks, I am now back online, and back in the swing with Hump Day Hook!

Each Wednesday, participating authors share a snippet of either a published, or WIP.

This week, I share more from the prologue of my WIP, Fractured, with you all.

He straightened and rolled his shoulders, a new resolve firm in his mind as he met the eye of each of his brothers, sisters, and their mates. While his siblings were each unique in their spirits and abilities, they were born of the same father—a god who apparently loved variety, yet cared little for the responsibilities left to him by his choices in bed partners. It didn't matter. They didn't see shifter, vampire, warlock, and more, as they looked toward each other...they saw family, an unbreakable bond that tied them to each other for eternity. And as it was their father's careless ways that had sowed the blackened seed that would create the root of destruction that unfolded in the reflection, it was an unspoken vow that they would deal with it.

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Wednesday, September 4, 2013

#HDH deeper into Fractured prologue. @ellen__cross

Welcome to another Hump Day Hook!


This week I am showing a little more of the prologue of my WIP, Fractured. In this scene, Krogan is deciding what to do about the vision in the Well of all Tears.

Obeying the edict of the gods and simply letting this future come to pass...just the thought of doing so was unfathomable to both his mind and heart.  The only prevention was action. As he looked around the hall he knew, that as the offspring of a god, they all had to step forth and join in his efforts. While they might not be able to physically move in and interfere, there were ways they could give humanity a chance, indirectly.

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