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Saturday, July 27, 2013

#MySexySaturday - Bringing sexy back, with @ellen__cross

Welcome to another, My Sexy Saturday!
This week has been a doozy here, and I don't know about you all, but boy am I glad it's the weekend!
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 This week I am sharing seven paragraphs from my MM paranormal romance, Cupid's Revenge.
In this scene, Ethan has asked Lillah--his archangel guide--who his partner is for his Valentine's Day assignment.
“Who is it? I hope they are better than last year. No offence, but bunking with that old man was bad. He kept his teeth in a glass by the bed, slept in jocks with holes in them, and the prunes he insisted on eating with each meal gave him the worst gas.” He scrunched up his face and waved a hand in front of his nose. “I tried to tell him that if he lay off the prunes, he would stop blowing the ass out of his jocks, but he just grumbled about the ungrateful youth of today, and hit me over the head with his walking stick.”

Lillah snorted. “Oh Mr. Cromwell was a tough old cookie all right. But he hid a heart as big as the Grand Canyon. And you already know your partner. In fact...” She gave Liam’s crotch a pointed look, “I would say you know him fairly well.”
Ethan gave a whoop, jumping up in his chair and bouncing up and down. “Can we get matching costumes?”

“Oh hell no!” Liam flew to his feet and stepped up to Lillah. “You are not pairing me with him. Not only does his mouth never seem to shut up, but I am not wearing some damn costume. No way, no how will you ever get me into a pair of tights!”

“Spoilsport,” Ethan shot back. He poked his tongue out at Liam and glared. “For your information, Captain Boring, you don’t deserve to wear a costume.”

“Thank Christ for that!” Lillah pulled back a dainty foot and nailed Liam right in the shin hard.
“Ow! What was that for?”
“Blaspheming,” she replied innocently.

Rubbing his bruised leg with his palm, Liam gave her a dirty look. “I really should put you over my knee and give you a spanking.”
She just raised an eyebrow at him and without missing a beat, replied, “Just try it. Getting spanked is Ethan’s thing, not mine.”

When Heaven bungles their paperwork and recruits the wrong guy as a cupid, who will stop his rampage of revenge?

Ever felt that instant spark when you meet someone you have never seen before? That shot of electricity at the first touch? Or what about an overwhelming sense of déjà vu at a mere glance?
No, it’s not love at first sight, but instead it’s the work of a cupid.
Cupids aren’t angels, or the stereotypical cute little cherubs wearing a loincloth and wielding a bow loaded with heart-tipped arrows. Cupids are actually humans, recruited by Heaven for their overwhelming surplus of love within their heart, and gifted with the ability to share a small touch of that love with others—unseen by the human eye as they bring soul-mates together.
But what happens when someone upstairs gets their paperwork mixed up and recruits the wrong person? What happens when the person they recruit has no overflowing amount of love…in
fact, they have no love at all within their heart? Liam is so sick and tired of all the hearts and flowers shit every Valentine’s Day. The build-up to the day…irritating, the actual event…torture.
Just for once, he would love to get away from the whole experience. Fate on the other hand has a very sarcastic approach to his plea. An accident at the Heavenly bookkeeping department sees Liam enlisted into the ranks of Creating Unlimited Possibilities Into Destiny…or CUPID for short. Unable to get a single person to listen to his protests—and teamed with a guy who might actually be cute if he just stopped acting like a kid—he is told to choose his method for deliverance of his love. Liam lets his pissed off attitude choose for him, and revenge on the other cupids becomes his only mission.
This Valentine’s Day, Liam is hunting them down.

Cupid's Revenge is available now where all good ebooks are sold. 

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

#HDH Summer Fun Author Giveaway bonus week with @ellen__cross

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 What does summer mean to you? Is it one long sweat-fest, maybe the time of the year that you hibernate inside your air-conditioned house and hide away from the intense heat? Or do you grab that sunshine by the horns and show it who's boss?
Living "down under" where the sun shines almost all year around, we love our sunny days, love the heat, the sweat and the humidity. After all, they are the perfect excuse to strip off and dive into our amazingly clear blue waters. Who can complain with that? And living at the beach myself, I can tell you that the sight of our lifesavers in their tight cozzies and nothing else, is worth a little sweat, don't you think?
There is only one drawback to taking my five boys to the beach...and that is how much sand those boys can move when they all work together. When my kids want to build a castle, the moat ends up being big enough to hide in.  At least they spend the time before we leave to fill in all their excavations *grins*

And now for my excerpt. I have decided to finish off the scene we have been visiting the last couple of weeks, so this week's excerpt is slightly longer than the usual one paragraph. It is kind of fitting with this week's theme, though, considering that summer is also long.
In those who are new to my blog, this scene has seen the severely emotionally damaged and impotent, Dean, share his first kiss with Holly, while his adopted brother, Wade,  is there for support. This kiss was more than he bargained for, and his body surprised him with a whole world of unexpected reactions he was not prepared for...
Giving an abrupt nod, Dean picked himself up off the floor and started for the kitchen.
“But, Dean, you need to know that I want Wade kissing and touching me too. If you can’t handle the sight of him doing so, you need to tell me now,” she implored.
He gave a mumbled It’s okay before he practically ran for the door.
Wade gave a deep throaty chuckle, nuzzling further into Holly’s neck.
“You really affect him, baby. If we just stick to the plan, I think we’ll get through to him in no time.”
Holly had her doubts, though—some people never got over Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, and Dean had been suffering for so long now with it that she really didn’t even know if it was possible for him to recover. She kept her worries to herself, though. Wade believed in him, and she could do no less.

Saturday, July 20, 2013

#MySexySaturday sneak peaks Fractured, WIP by @ellen__cross

Welcome to another My Sexy Saturday, the weekly blog hop that kick starts your weekend with either 7 words, sentences, or paragraphs of either a published, or WIP from the participating talented authors.
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This week I am sharing the very first seven sentences of my WIP MM paranormal romance, Fractured, which will be published later in the year with EXtasy Books.
Davis didn't need to see the small, poorly-hidden visitor, to know he was there. He could feel the young man's brilliant azure eyes watching him from a mile off, and didn't like it one bit.
In the whole eighteen months since he and his brethren had been called forth and founded the Preternatural Rescue Centre, he had felt that same unnerving gaze watching them countless times.
He didn't know what the young man wanted, and he certainly never came close enough to ask—fleeing like the very hounds of hell were on his heels anytime anyone so much as looked his way—but there seemed to be an almost desperate quality to the way he watched on intently night after night, then disappearing come dawn.
From the little Davis could see of the thickly bundled figure, he appeared to be little more than a kid, early twenties at the most. The pale, angular face that peeked from beneath the layers of dark cloth he was wrapped in, seemed to be engulfed by those eerily blue eyes. The way the kid clung to the shadows, trying to keep his darting glances hidden beneath the veil of darkness, unsettled Davis.

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

How does Dean feel about "that" kiss? #HDH with @ellen__cross

Welcome to another lifesaving edition of Hump Day Hook--the weekly blog that offers up a small teaser from the amazingly talented, participating authors for you to enjoy!
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This week I will continue with Dean's first kiss--and other first bodily reactions--in Holly's Healing.
This scene is from Deans POV.
Wade was at her side, nuzzling and kissing her neck in nibbling bites. The sight stirred his belly further, a throbbing beat building within his gut low down. He could feel it—his cock was throbbing and starting to stir. The knowledge was enough to send Dean backward, landing on the polished timber flooring on his ass.
“Just a kiss…you said this was just a kiss!”
Holly opened her eyes, her heavy-lidded gaze drawing him in, the urge to gather her in his arms rising more urgently.
“It is. Wade just wanted a kiss too. Nothing more will happen today, or anytime soon. This is all up to you. I won’t push you into something you don’t want.”
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Sunday, July 14, 2013

#MySexySaturday brings a little Cupid's Revenge to brighten your weekend. @ellen__cross

Welcome to another awesome weekend, and you know what that brings...My Sexy Saturday blog hop!!
This week I will be spreading a little Cupid's Revenge for you all.
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As my snippet this week contains quite a large paragraph, I have chosen not to count paragraphs or sentences. In this scene, Lillah is confronting Liam over his opinion of Ethan.

“Remember, while you only need to bring one couple together, we can’t tell you which one, so you will have
to figure that out by yourselves. Now, as this is a team effort and the repair bill from your efforts yesterday is enough to make our finance department cringe, I suggest you go back to your room, grab that gorgeous boy with both hands, and start working like a team.”

Liam shook his head and sighed. “I can’t work with him. I left him in his undies, watching cartoons. There is no way that boy is right in the head. At his age, he should be working like a man, not sitting around like a kid.”

Lillah frowned at him. “And who are you to judge? That boy is a practically a saint in the making. You should be grateful that he deems you worthy of his time. He also does more good in a single day than you have done in your whole life. She shot him a disgusted look. “Want to know what he does? While you spend your days sitting behind a desk, tapping away at your computer and trying to figure out ways to squeeze more money out of large corporations, Ethan spends his days helping out at the free community day-care centre around the corner from where he lives. He spends his days bringing a little happiness into the lives of kids who have it tough. Kids who don’t have shoes or clothes to wear, or enough food at home to eat, while their desperate parents try and make what meagre earnings they can scrubbing toilets and whatever other jobs they can manage to get. Some of those parents are working two or three jobs each, just to keep a roof over their heads. He devotes all his time to building up the children’s self-esteem, teaching them, loving them, and being the safe harbor they need while everything else in their lives goes to crap. And you wonder why he loves superheros. To those kids, he is a superhero! He’s the superhero to them now that he needed and never got as a kid.”
With her angry words hanging in the air, Lillah stalked off, leaving him with more questions, and a sick feeling stirring in his gut.

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

It's all in the kiss. #HDH with @ellen__cross and Holly's Healing

Welcome to Hump Day Hook!
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After my little break, I would like to jump right back in where we left off in Holly's Healing, my bestselling ménage romance. In this scene, Holly is giving Dean his first kiss.

She tasted so intoxicating, her breath sweet as she massaged her tongue against his in a softly undulating rhythm. He could almost believe she was making love to his mouth with the movement of her own. A soft sigh left her lips and her head tipped slightly to one side. Dean pulled back, his breath sawing in and out of his chest in great bellowing puffs as he looked down upon her.

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