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Saturday, August 31, 2013

#MySexySaturday sneakpeaks upcoming Sept 1st new release, Wolf Sanctuary

Welcome to another My Sexy Saturday!

This week we sneak peak seven sentences from my upcoming  September 1st, new release, Wolf Sanctuary.

Not once in the nine years since their bonding, had Sean ever tired of seeing his lover’s firm, bronzed, near-naked body glistening with ceremonial oils, begging for the undivided attention of his tongue and hands. The sleek lines of defined muscle rippled as he moved with a sinuous grace while performing The Wolf Dance— celebrating the birth of their people as they welcomed the new birth into the pack—kept his cock aching to sink into that tight ass. It didn’t help that Reece wore the traditional Tonkawa loincloth of their people for the ritual. Reece had his wolf sitting up at attention and willing to roll over and submit with a mere look, yet his vampiric half demanded dominance over his mate to feed, and damn if he wasn’t thirsty as fuck right now.

With all that had happened over the last day, he still hadn’t had a chance to feed. Sure his hybrid blending of vampire and wolf genes allowed him to keep to a normal sleeping pattern—sleeping at nights, awake during the day—it did mean that he had to feed regularly, though, or his vampiric half would cause him to shut down during the day. Just another thing he had to thank the blond-headed asshole of a vampire who had raped his mother, before disappearing into the night, for good.

Available Sept 1st as EXtasy Books: http://www.extasybooks.com/wolf-sanctuary/

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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

#HDH - What does Krogan see in the Well of All Tears? - @ellen__cross

It's Hump Day Hook time, and for this week, we continue into a glimpse of the prologue of Fractured, my WIP, MM paranormal romance.

In this scene, we find out what Krogan and his gathered family see reflected in the waters of the Well of all Tears. It is a little longer than normal, but I felt it best to show the description in one go. 

Men, women, children, and preter...life held little meaning, as brother turned on brother, friend on friend, and lover on lover...while their enemies united in strength. Gathered like rats from a fire, the remains of mankind huddled within the vision, scavenging through the leftovers of war, while famine and pestilence extended their reach and claimed what little remained of a once flourishing land.

The dregs of society, skin traders and peddlers of misery, ruled those unfortunate enough to be caught and enslaved—their lives little more than added currency for those who could pay for the enjoyment of their pain, their blood. With a fraction of the population left and a complete loss of humanity running rampant, Krogan knew what he was seeing was indeed the end of days, come to life in all its sickening glory.

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Sunday, August 25, 2013

#MySexySaturday 13, Sizzles the weekend away with Holly's Healing and @ellen__cross

Welcome to week 13, of My Sexy Saturday, the weekly bloghop that allows authors to share either seven words, sentences, or paragraphs of either a WIP, or an already published book.

This week I am sharing a spicy little tidbit from Holly's Healing, my interracial ménage novella.
This sure wasn’t how Holly envisioned the day starting out. 
First, Dean had pushed a bowl of bland breakfast cereal at her after she washed up and made her way to the kitchen table. He then fled the house muttering something about getting groceries before they ran out. She could have sworn he just couldn’t wait to get away from her, as if she carried some deadly infectious disease, or the very hounds of hell were hot on his heels.

Wade obviously thought the whole scene was amusing. Sitting back with his coffee cup cradled between his hands, he grinned as he watched his brother leave. His gaze then turned to her. Just the knowledge that he was watching her was unnerving. His eyes raked over her body, slowly caressing each and every inch. A shiver washed over her, tightening her nipples into sensitive peaks that rasped against the soft cotton of her sleep tank as she breathed. Wade’s eyes slid down her body to rest on those points. His smile deepened as he settled a little further into his chair. He stretched, allowing his legs to spread out further in front of him in a wide opened vee. Holly couldn’t help it. The movement of his legs parting as if in invitation for her to fill the gap drew her own gaze to the meeting point of those long powerful thighs. His worn jeans moulded lovingly to his contours, clearly outlining the large bulge at the apex of his thighs. The bulge twitched and grew as her eyes remained glued to the mouth-watering sight. Oh, what she wouldn’t give to be able to slide her hand beneath the zipper guarding that bulge to feel the heat beneath under her hand.

Wade gave a gentle cough, distracting her from her delicious ponderings. His eyebrow arched high on his forehead as he tilted his head and waited for her to look at his face.
“Do you like what you see, sweetness?”

Swallowing the lump that had formed in her throat, she bit her bottom lip between her teeth as she gave a slight nod. Wade’s smile dropped a little, yet his eyes narrowed, becoming more intense in their assessment of her as she fidgeted in her seat.
           * * * *
The slight pressing of her thighs against each other pleased him. He unsettled her, inflamed her passion. It was a positive sign.

“And would you like to touch what you see? Maybe even taste it?”

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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

#HDH dives deeper into Fractured. @ellen__cross

It's Wednesday, and you know what that means...another round of mid-week saving Hump Day Hooks!


This week we continue from last week, with more of the prologue from my WIP, Fractured, a MM paranormal romance.

Krogan's gaze swept around the great hall, so bleak and dark...as dark as the heaviness that weighed on the hearts of his gathered brothers, sisters, and their mates. Each wept, their souls crying out throughout the spiritual plane for the lives that would perish, if the world were to continue on the path it had been set upon.

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Saturday, August 17, 2013

#MySexySaturday 12

Welcome to another My Sexy Saturday!
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This week I am diving in to Holly's Healing once more, for another glimpse of the heat brewing between Holly, and Wade.

After finishing what she needed, Holly let Dean carry her back out to the lounge room and give her only one pain pill this time. Propped up and surrounded by cushions, she looked on as the pair of men rushed around preparing her breakfast. It would have almost seemed like a dream come true, if it weren’t for the nagging fact that she just didn’t fit in. While she could kid herself that everything was okay, her conscience just wouldn’t let her relax while she was taking over their house and lives like this. Calling out and hoping that they could hear her, she was determined to make them listen.

“Dean, Wade. After breakfast, do you think you could take me back home? I can’t stay here like this—it’s not fair to you both. Now if you can just take me home I would be very grateful. Or, if you’re too busy, just let me use your phone and I’ll call a cab.”

Wade poked his head around the corner, a blank look on his face as he replied. “Sorry, no can do, sweetheart. I need to get started on the designs I have backed up for my boss’s tattoo shop, and won’t have time all day to drive you. I noticed last night the brakes in our car were a bit dodgy, so I’m having the guys at our local garage pick it up this morning to get checked out. We don’t have a home phone, and don’t believe in it. When I’m home, I don’t want to be disturbed.” His leery grin as he winked let her know exactly what he didn’t want to get disturbed doing.

“So how do you propose I get home then?”
He shrugged. “You don’t. You stay here like a good little girl and heal up. Dean has a whole stack of corny romantic comedy’s he’s been dying to watch, so I guess you can sit back and enjoy his company while I work in my studio.”

Her anger went from simmering to ballistic in an instant. Gripping one of the cushions, she took aim and pegged it straight at Wade’s head, nailing him right in the kisser.

“You’re deliberately making it so I can’t leave. Aren’t you?”
Wade chuckled as he picked up the cushion. Stalking over to her slowly, he bent over and replaced the cushion. His eyes never left hers as he straightened back up. There wasn’t a hint of humour on his face as he kept his intense gaze locked to hers.

“Never start something you can’t finish with me, Holly. Next time I might decide to show you exactly how I like to play.”
“Stupid sexy men!” Holly muttered under her breath as he quietly turned to leave.


Twenty-three year old Holly Reece had it all. A great job, a new car and house, and fantastic friends. All of that ended in a night she just can’t forget. Left bearing the scars from someone else’s stupidity, Holly is all alone in a world that would just rather forget she even exists.

Wade has watched his adopted brother, Dean, battle his own demons for years. Nothing he has done has helped Dean get over his inability to be intimate with a woman.

When they stumble upon a young disabled woman being attacked, Wade thinks he might just have found Dean’s cure, and a woman who can love them both. Now the only question he has is…how does he stop Dean from running scared long enough to try?

Buy Links
Amazon - http://www.amazon.com/Hollys-Healing-ebook/dp/B00ASDELVS/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1376744354&sr=8-1&keywords=hollys+healing

EXtasy Books - http://www.extasybooks.com/hollys-healing/

Smashwords - http://www.smashwords.com/books/view/279191

ARe - https://www.allromanceebooks.com/product-holly039shealing-1048791-146.html

Barnes & Noble - http://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/hollys-healing-ellen-cross/1114374536?ean=2940044278295

Thursday, August 15, 2013

#HDH takes a peek into Fractured, with @ellen__cross

After a small break to get over the flu, I am so happy to be back to celebrate another Hump Day Hook!
For those of you who are new to HDH, we are a group of authors, who each week share a small taste of our work with the world. This week, I share a little snippet of my WIP, Fractured, a MM paranormal romance that will be published through EXtasy Books in the near future.
I am sharing a beginning taste of the prologue with you all. It is a little on the long side, but these two paragraphs need to be put together, to set the scene. I hope you don't mind :)
Krogan peered into the Well of all Tears, his brow furrowing into deeply grooved lines that showed the true depth of his concern. His fingers gripped the gold gilt edging of the pool that lapped with a gentle ripple from the gathering moisture far above, falling as a single teardrop at a time into the shallow waters below. The reflected image shimmered, quivering in a motion that matched the unsettled trembling of his churning stomach.
Tiona wrapped her arm around his waist, weaving herself under his arm and against the breadth of his chest as she too peered into the waters, shivering as she watched the fragments of the future unfold before her. A tear slipped from the corner of her eye and traced down her cheek, sliding down her chin and joining those shed by the heavens, into the pool.