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Wednesday, May 8, 2013

#HDH Rocking the Hump Day Hook with Wolf Sanctuary!

First, I would like to congratulate Sarah Cass, for winning my copy of Holly's Healing, in last weeks HDH Giveaway week. Enjoy it, Sarah! :)

Hump Day Hook is a weekly blog hop, participated in by many very talented authors, who eagerly share small snippets of their work with you, free of charge! How good is that?
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For my hook this week, I will be sharing a little more of Wolf Sanctuary, my WIP anthology story.
Last week, Reece and Sean  came across a woman in the middle of the road, at night, and in the rain...

Reece threw open his door, sliding out and around the front of the dark blue four-wheel drive before he could think it over. Sean joined him on the other side of the woman as she tilted her small angular face towards his. A shaky smile kicked up the sides of her pale lips as she reached out and snagged his open flannel shirt in her small frozen fists, drawing him closer as she peered desperately up at him. He wrapped his hands over hers, trying to instill a little warmth into the damp, chilled flesh, as he waited while she tried to speak. It took her a couple of tries, but when she could finally form the words, her voice sounded weak and raspy. "I'm here." Her eyes rolled back as her legs gave out, Sean diving to catch her from behind and swing her up into his arms, the backpack on her back and all. He swiftly carried her out of the headlights beam and to his side of the truck.


  1. Oh, no! Why is she cold? Why did she faint? ...And she knew them???

  2. Great hook. Why is she so cold?

  3. What happened to her, and what are they going to do with her now? Great hook!

  4. That's one good hook. Nicely done. Thank you. ��

    Jessie Lansdel

  5. It sounds like this woman is in some trouble and the right guy is there to help her. Nice!