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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

#HDH - What does Krogan see in the Well of All Tears? - @ellen__cross

It's Hump Day Hook time, and for this week, we continue into a glimpse of the prologue of Fractured, my WIP, MM paranormal romance.

In this scene, we find out what Krogan and his gathered family see reflected in the waters of the Well of all Tears. It is a little longer than normal, but I felt it best to show the description in one go. 

Men, women, children, and preter...life held little meaning, as brother turned on brother, friend on friend, and lover on lover...while their enemies united in strength. Gathered like rats from a fire, the remains of mankind huddled within the vision, scavenging through the leftovers of war, while famine and pestilence extended their reach and claimed what little remained of a once flourishing land.

The dregs of society, skin traders and peddlers of misery, ruled those unfortunate enough to be caught and enslaved—their lives little more than added currency for those who could pay for the enjoyment of their pain, their blood. With a fraction of the population left and a complete loss of humanity running rampant, Krogan knew what he was seeing was indeed the end of days, come to life in all its sickening glory.

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  1. Well written. Love the 'left overs of war'
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  2. That snippet drew me in at once. Is he seeing in the distant or near future, I'm wondering...

  3. Definitely sounds like the end of days. I hope they are able to prevent that from being their future. Great hook!

  4. That's not really the future I would like to see, it's so sad. I can understand why it comes from tears.