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Sunday, August 25, 2013

#MySexySaturday 13, Sizzles the weekend away with Holly's Healing and @ellen__cross

Welcome to week 13, of My Sexy Saturday, the weekly bloghop that allows authors to share either seven words, sentences, or paragraphs of either a WIP, or an already published book.

This week I am sharing a spicy little tidbit from Holly's Healing, my interracial ménage novella.
This sure wasn’t how Holly envisioned the day starting out. 
First, Dean had pushed a bowl of bland breakfast cereal at her after she washed up and made her way to the kitchen table. He then fled the house muttering something about getting groceries before they ran out. She could have sworn he just couldn’t wait to get away from her, as if she carried some deadly infectious disease, or the very hounds of hell were hot on his heels.

Wade obviously thought the whole scene was amusing. Sitting back with his coffee cup cradled between his hands, he grinned as he watched his brother leave. His gaze then turned to her. Just the knowledge that he was watching her was unnerving. His eyes raked over her body, slowly caressing each and every inch. A shiver washed over her, tightening her nipples into sensitive peaks that rasped against the soft cotton of her sleep tank as she breathed. Wade’s eyes slid down her body to rest on those points. His smile deepened as he settled a little further into his chair. He stretched, allowing his legs to spread out further in front of him in a wide opened vee. Holly couldn’t help it. The movement of his legs parting as if in invitation for her to fill the gap drew her own gaze to the meeting point of those long powerful thighs. His worn jeans moulded lovingly to his contours, clearly outlining the large bulge at the apex of his thighs. The bulge twitched and grew as her eyes remained glued to the mouth-watering sight. Oh, what she wouldn’t give to be able to slide her hand beneath the zipper guarding that bulge to feel the heat beneath under her hand.

Wade gave a gentle cough, distracting her from her delicious ponderings. His eyebrow arched high on his forehead as he tilted his head and waited for her to look at his face.
“Do you like what you see, sweetness?”

Swallowing the lump that had formed in her throat, she bit her bottom lip between her teeth as she gave a slight nod. Wade’s smile dropped a little, yet his eyes narrowed, becoming more intense in their assessment of her as she fidgeted in her seat.
           * * * *
The slight pressing of her thighs against each other pleased him. He unsettled her, inflamed her passion. It was a positive sign.

“And would you like to touch what you see? Maybe even taste it?”

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  1. Yummy scene- thank you so much for sharing...
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  2. Very hot, and definitely put her in a spot. Quite the hook, too! :)

  3. Very sexy snippet. Amazing just how lost we can get in our thoughts.

    Thanks for being part of My Sexy Saturday.