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Saturday, August 17, 2013

#MySexySaturday 12

Welcome to another My Sexy Saturday!
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This week I am diving in to Holly's Healing once more, for another glimpse of the heat brewing between Holly, and Wade.

After finishing what she needed, Holly let Dean carry her back out to the lounge room and give her only one pain pill this time. Propped up and surrounded by cushions, she looked on as the pair of men rushed around preparing her breakfast. It would have almost seemed like a dream come true, if it weren’t for the nagging fact that she just didn’t fit in. While she could kid herself that everything was okay, her conscience just wouldn’t let her relax while she was taking over their house and lives like this. Calling out and hoping that they could hear her, she was determined to make them listen.

“Dean, Wade. After breakfast, do you think you could take me back home? I can’t stay here like this—it’s not fair to you both. Now if you can just take me home I would be very grateful. Or, if you’re too busy, just let me use your phone and I’ll call a cab.”

Wade poked his head around the corner, a blank look on his face as he replied. “Sorry, no can do, sweetheart. I need to get started on the designs I have backed up for my boss’s tattoo shop, and won’t have time all day to drive you. I noticed last night the brakes in our car were a bit dodgy, so I’m having the guys at our local garage pick it up this morning to get checked out. We don’t have a home phone, and don’t believe in it. When I’m home, I don’t want to be disturbed.” His leery grin as he winked let her know exactly what he didn’t want to get disturbed doing.

“So how do you propose I get home then?”
He shrugged. “You don’t. You stay here like a good little girl and heal up. Dean has a whole stack of corny romantic comedy’s he’s been dying to watch, so I guess you can sit back and enjoy his company while I work in my studio.”

Her anger went from simmering to ballistic in an instant. Gripping one of the cushions, she took aim and pegged it straight at Wade’s head, nailing him right in the kisser.

“You’re deliberately making it so I can’t leave. Aren’t you?”
Wade chuckled as he picked up the cushion. Stalking over to her slowly, he bent over and replaced the cushion. His eyes never left hers as he straightened back up. There wasn’t a hint of humour on his face as he kept his intense gaze locked to hers.

“Never start something you can’t finish with me, Holly. Next time I might decide to show you exactly how I like to play.”
“Stupid sexy men!” Holly muttered under her breath as he quietly turned to leave.


Twenty-three year old Holly Reece had it all. A great job, a new car and house, and fantastic friends. All of that ended in a night she just can’t forget. Left bearing the scars from someone else’s stupidity, Holly is all alone in a world that would just rather forget she even exists.

Wade has watched his adopted brother, Dean, battle his own demons for years. Nothing he has done has helped Dean get over his inability to be intimate with a woman.

When they stumble upon a young disabled woman being attacked, Wade thinks he might just have found Dean’s cure, and a woman who can love them both. Now the only question he has is…how does he stop Dean from running scared long enough to try?

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