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Friday, October 25, 2013

Halloween Seduction Giveaway Hop

Welcome to the Halloween Seduction Giveaway Hop!


What is more sexy than a man rippling with muscles and an extra dose of testosterone? How about if that man is also an Alpha Dire Wolf...hell bent on claiming his mate!

Meet Grey...
He will stop at nothing to rescue his mate...Ryan

You can meet them both...in Delta Blues

 In a World where the Alpha are the law, Beta the order, and Omega the knowledge…the Delta have become the oppressed.

    The night of Samhain is fast approaching, and for that one night a year, Gray and the last remaining Dire Wolves—amongst others—are entrusted with the protection of the veil between worlds, while it’s at its thinnest. Add in the threat of a new drug on the market, and they’ll have to work twice as hard to keep everyone safe. The last thing he needs is a sexy little Delta to save.

    As a lowly Delta, Red Wolf shifter Ryan has never known peace. Cast away and unwanted, he is quickly taken captive and trained as a dancer at The Howling, a strip club in the worst part of Praeter. Hungry, abused, and kept in a drug-induced fog, his life is nothing. He is nothing but the orders and twisted demands of his captor. All that changes when he catches the scent of a wolf in the crowd.

    Long ebony hair, eyes that can’t decide if they’re green or blue as they follow him on stage. Unable to stop himself, Ryan does the one thing guaranteed to earn him punishment. He touches the other wolf. Peace. For those few brief moments, the hunger, the pain, the torment…all gone. The price to feel that respite again, though, could very well be his life.

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To win a copy of Delta Blues, simply leave a comment below with your email address, and go into the draw, easy!! And don't forget the major prizes below!!

$100 Amazon card!!
Second place:  E-copy of Eternal Flame


  1. wow, definitely going on my tbr! Thanks for joining the blog hop


  2. I'm loving this blog hop!! Discovering so many different authors and books!!! ~Robin Malone (bookreadsandreviews at gmail dot com)

  3. Time to add another book to my list of "you'd better read" books :-P Thank for participating! (email's in blogger profile)

  4. Delta Blues sounds like a fantastic read!

    Thanks for the amazing giveaway!
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  5. Sounds Hot! Happy Halloween! Thanks for sharing the hop and your giveaway. evamillien at gmail dot com

  6. Would love to win this!!! Thanks so much for the chance and Happy halloween!
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  7. Delta Blues sounds like a great story, putting it on my to buy list.
    Happy Halloween
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  8. Love the covers thanks for your part in the hop falice.sidoma@yahoo.com

  9. Poor poor Delta wolf :( please let him get love!


  10. Sounds excellent indeed!

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  11. Looks like a great read!
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  12. Sounds great! Thanks for the giveaway! Happy Halloween!
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  13. Sounds fantastic! I cant wait to read more! Thanks for sharing! Happy Halloween! Thanks for the fun and goodies! :)

  14. sound hot love a good werewolf book.
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  16. This sounds like it will be a great read.
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  17. The book sounds great.