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Wednesday, October 9, 2013

#HDH A beginning, to stop the end. Fractured with @ellen__cross

Welcome to another week of Hump Day Hook!

Where authors from all over the world share a little teaser of a piece of their work, whether published, or a WIP.

This week I will continue on from where we last left off, with the prologue of my WIP, Fractured. In this scene, Krogan sets in motion, a beginning, that will hopefully see a stop to the end. This work is unedited.

"We can all see the path that has been set. It is the end, a price each life will pay if we do not act. While we do not have the power to divert the disaster before us, we can deliver those who will.
"Join with me. Let our own blood repair that which is broken, before all life falls to pieces." A round of nods and determined expressions met his request.
Drawing on his shifter spirit, he focused on his life energy, pulling a single hair-fine filament from within his soul and into his awaiting hands. Tiona did the same, holding the golden spark of her thread in her small cupped palms. He guided her to slide her breathtakingly beautiful essence into his palm, to join with his own.
The threads swirled, Krogan's silver essence entwining itself against Tiona's gold. They writhed, rolled, until they blended into one. A bright flare of pure light, that heralded the starting spark of new life, blinded Krogan for an instant. The tiny new life felt warm against his palm, pulsing with a gentle energy, so fragile, yet bursting with promise, with hope.

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