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Saturday, October 5, 2013

My Sexy Saturday #19 brings more of upcoming Halloween release, Delta Blues. @ellen__cross

Welcome to week 19 of My Sexy Saturday - The weekly blog hop that shares 7 words, sentences, or paragraphs of participating authors work.

This week, I share more of my upcoming October 15th release, Delta Blues. This work is unedited.

Marcus on the other side of him just frowned as he quietly looked on. What was his problem, anyway? The dancer was seductive as hell as he ran his fingers over the polished, steel pole, caressing it as he would a lover. Fuck if that wasn't the hottest thing Grey had seen in a long while.
It was Marcus's idea they come here of all places to let off some steam, anyway. Deep within the backstreets of Praeter, The Howling was just another dime-a-dozen strip joint, one of a whole string that lined the worst of the worst streets in the exclusively Were-populated town. The only difference Grey could see to this club seemed to be that it appealed to a wider variety of clientele—if the previous act of a pair of female lynx shifters licking cream off each other's naked bodies was anything to go by.

This artistic representation in no way reflects the actual cover of this book. It is only a teaser, to set the mood of the piece.

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  1. Nice snippet. Love the pole dance and I really like how you describe the area. Thanks for sharing.