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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

#HDH Summer Fun Author Giveaway bonus week with @ellen__cross

Welcome to the Summer Fun Author Giveaway Event, brought to you by the Hump Day Hook weekly bloghop!!
Not only will you find the usual excerpts we have all come to love and look forward to, each blog this week will be holding a giveaway, in celebration of all that is summer. To be in the running for my own giveaway this week, all you have to do is leave a comment. I will be giving away a backlist title of the winner's choice of one of my books to a random winner, and a $5 Amazon kindle gift card and  Holly's Healing keychain to the 10th and 20th visitors to leave a comment. Best of luck, everyone, and don't forget to click on the HDH banner above to visit more participating blogs, and enter more giveaways!!
 What does summer mean to you? Is it one long sweat-fest, maybe the time of the year that you hibernate inside your air-conditioned house and hide away from the intense heat? Or do you grab that sunshine by the horns and show it who's boss?
Living "down under" where the sun shines almost all year around, we love our sunny days, love the heat, the sweat and the humidity. After all, they are the perfect excuse to strip off and dive into our amazingly clear blue waters. Who can complain with that? And living at the beach myself, I can tell you that the sight of our lifesavers in their tight cozzies and nothing else, is worth a little sweat, don't you think?
There is only one drawback to taking my five boys to the beach...and that is how much sand those boys can move when they all work together. When my kids want to build a castle, the moat ends up being big enough to hide in.  At least they spend the time before we leave to fill in all their excavations *grins*

And now for my excerpt. I have decided to finish off the scene we have been visiting the last couple of weeks, so this week's excerpt is slightly longer than the usual one paragraph. It is kind of fitting with this week's theme, though, considering that summer is also long.
In those who are new to my blog, this scene has seen the severely emotionally damaged and impotent, Dean, share his first kiss with Holly, while his adopted brother, Wade,  is there for support. This kiss was more than he bargained for, and his body surprised him with a whole world of unexpected reactions he was not prepared for...
Giving an abrupt nod, Dean picked himself up off the floor and started for the kitchen.
“But, Dean, you need to know that I want Wade kissing and touching me too. If you can’t handle the sight of him doing so, you need to tell me now,” she implored.
He gave a mumbled It’s okay before he practically ran for the door.
Wade gave a deep throaty chuckle, nuzzling further into Holly’s neck.
“You really affect him, baby. If we just stick to the plan, I think we’ll get through to him in no time.”
Holly had her doubts, though—some people never got over Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, and Dean had been suffering for so long now with it that she really didn’t even know if it was possible for him to recover. She kept her worries to herself, though. Wade believed in him, and she could do no less.


  1. You love humidity? Its the one thing about summer i hate LOL Nice hook x Happy Summer!

  2. Love the excerpt! And I'm not a fan of the humidity. It's horrible, and makes it hard to find the energy to do anything. But, I do enjoy sunny days. :)

  3. Despise the humidity! I love the heat, but this humidity has got to go! I love summer just to hand out with the kids and do all the crazy kid stuff.

    bournmelissa at hotmail dot com

  4. I really like that excerpt and your personal tidbit about the beach. I miss the ocean so much!


  6. I hate summer I live in PA and its always humid plus I have freckles so everything I go out in the sun they multiply!! I use to stay indoors all summer, but with a 2 and 5 year old they are always dragging me outside!


  7. great hook I hate humidity!! sugar_n_spice63830@yaoo.com

  8. Thank you to everyone who participated in our summer celebration!
    I have two winners to announce, and decided to change the terms and award two prizes anyway, even though the number of commenters didn't reach the original number.

    For the prize of the book of choice, Savannah is the winner!

    For the $5 Amazon card, Jessica Subject is the winner!

    Thank you ladies, without your support, our little celebration would not have been as successful as it was. Keep an eye out for future events with in Hump Day Hook!