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Saturday, July 27, 2013

#MySexySaturday - Bringing sexy back, with @ellen__cross

Welcome to another, My Sexy Saturday!
This week has been a doozy here, and I don't know about you all, but boy am I glad it's the weekend!
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 This week I am sharing seven paragraphs from my MM paranormal romance, Cupid's Revenge.
In this scene, Ethan has asked Lillah--his archangel guide--who his partner is for his Valentine's Day assignment.
“Who is it? I hope they are better than last year. No offence, but bunking with that old man was bad. He kept his teeth in a glass by the bed, slept in jocks with holes in them, and the prunes he insisted on eating with each meal gave him the worst gas.” He scrunched up his face and waved a hand in front of his nose. “I tried to tell him that if he lay off the prunes, he would stop blowing the ass out of his jocks, but he just grumbled about the ungrateful youth of today, and hit me over the head with his walking stick.”

Lillah snorted. “Oh Mr. Cromwell was a tough old cookie all right. But he hid a heart as big as the Grand Canyon. And you already know your partner. In fact...” She gave Liam’s crotch a pointed look, “I would say you know him fairly well.”
Ethan gave a whoop, jumping up in his chair and bouncing up and down. “Can we get matching costumes?”

“Oh hell no!” Liam flew to his feet and stepped up to Lillah. “You are not pairing me with him. Not only does his mouth never seem to shut up, but I am not wearing some damn costume. No way, no how will you ever get me into a pair of tights!”

“Spoilsport,” Ethan shot back. He poked his tongue out at Liam and glared. “For your information, Captain Boring, you don’t deserve to wear a costume.”

“Thank Christ for that!” Lillah pulled back a dainty foot and nailed Liam right in the shin hard.
“Ow! What was that for?”
“Blaspheming,” she replied innocently.

Rubbing his bruised leg with his palm, Liam gave her a dirty look. “I really should put you over my knee and give you a spanking.”
She just raised an eyebrow at him and without missing a beat, replied, “Just try it. Getting spanked is Ethan’s thing, not mine.”

When Heaven bungles their paperwork and recruits the wrong guy as a cupid, who will stop his rampage of revenge?

Ever felt that instant spark when you meet someone you have never seen before? That shot of electricity at the first touch? Or what about an overwhelming sense of déjà vu at a mere glance?
No, it’s not love at first sight, but instead it’s the work of a cupid.
Cupids aren’t angels, or the stereotypical cute little cherubs wearing a loincloth and wielding a bow loaded with heart-tipped arrows. Cupids are actually humans, recruited by Heaven for their overwhelming surplus of love within their heart, and gifted with the ability to share a small touch of that love with others—unseen by the human eye as they bring soul-mates together.
But what happens when someone upstairs gets their paperwork mixed up and recruits the wrong person? What happens when the person they recruit has no overflowing amount of love…in
fact, they have no love at all within their heart? Liam is so sick and tired of all the hearts and flowers shit every Valentine’s Day. The build-up to the day…irritating, the actual event…torture.
Just for once, he would love to get away from the whole experience. Fate on the other hand has a very sarcastic approach to his plea. An accident at the Heavenly bookkeeping department sees Liam enlisted into the ranks of Creating Unlimited Possibilities Into Destiny…or CUPID for short. Unable to get a single person to listen to his protests—and teamed with a guy who might actually be cute if he just stopped acting like a kid—he is told to choose his method for deliverance of his love. Liam lets his pissed off attitude choose for him, and revenge on the other cupids becomes his only mission.
This Valentine’s Day, Liam is hunting them down.

Cupid's Revenge is available now where all good ebooks are sold. 


  1. this sounds like a great read. I'll have to be checking it. I'd really like to know how he gets his revenge. :D

  2. LOL Love it! Love the humor and the sexual innuendo! :)