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Sunday, July 14, 2013

#MySexySaturday brings a little Cupid's Revenge to brighten your weekend. @ellen__cross

Welcome to another awesome weekend, and you know what that brings...My Sexy Saturday blog hop!!
This week I will be spreading a little Cupid's Revenge for you all.
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As my snippet this week contains quite a large paragraph, I have chosen not to count paragraphs or sentences. In this scene, Lillah is confronting Liam over his opinion of Ethan.

“Remember, while you only need to bring one couple together, we can’t tell you which one, so you will have
to figure that out by yourselves. Now, as this is a team effort and the repair bill from your efforts yesterday is enough to make our finance department cringe, I suggest you go back to your room, grab that gorgeous boy with both hands, and start working like a team.”

Liam shook his head and sighed. “I can’t work with him. I left him in his undies, watching cartoons. There is no way that boy is right in the head. At his age, he should be working like a man, not sitting around like a kid.”

Lillah frowned at him. “And who are you to judge? That boy is a practically a saint in the making. You should be grateful that he deems you worthy of his time. He also does more good in a single day than you have done in your whole life. She shot him a disgusted look. “Want to know what he does? While you spend your days sitting behind a desk, tapping away at your computer and trying to figure out ways to squeeze more money out of large corporations, Ethan spends his days helping out at the free community day-care centre around the corner from where he lives. He spends his days bringing a little happiness into the lives of kids who have it tough. Kids who don’t have shoes or clothes to wear, or enough food at home to eat, while their desperate parents try and make what meagre earnings they can scrubbing toilets and whatever other jobs they can manage to get. Some of those parents are working two or three jobs each, just to keep a roof over their heads. He devotes all his time to building up the children’s self-esteem, teaching them, loving them, and being the safe harbor they need while everything else in their lives goes to crap. And you wonder why he loves superheros. To those kids, he is a superhero! He’s the superhero to them now that he needed and never got as a kid.”
With her angry words hanging in the air, Lillah stalked off, leaving him with more questions, and a sick feeling stirring in his gut.


  1. Ethan sounds like a great guy. Definitely one worth meeting. :)

  2. I love Cupid stories. Sounds like this one has a snag or two...don't they all?

    Thanks for sharing your excerpt with us, Ellen, and for being part of My Sexy Saturday. Hope to see you back soon!

  3. Lillah sure put Liam in his place. Great excerpt, Ellen. Great cover too.
    H K