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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

How does Dean feel about "that" kiss? #HDH with @ellen__cross

Welcome to another lifesaving edition of Hump Day Hook--the weekly blog that offers up a small teaser from the amazingly talented, participating authors for you to enjoy!
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This week I will continue with Dean's first kiss--and other first bodily reactions--in Holly's Healing.
This scene is from Deans POV.
Wade was at her side, nuzzling and kissing her neck in nibbling bites. The sight stirred his belly further, a throbbing beat building within his gut low down. He could feel it—his cock was throbbing and starting to stir. The knowledge was enough to send Dean backward, landing on the polished timber flooring on his ass.
“Just a kiss…you said this was just a kiss!”
Holly opened her eyes, her heavy-lidded gaze drawing him in, the urge to gather her in his arms rising more urgently.
“It is. Wade just wanted a kiss too. Nothing more will happen today, or anytime soon. This is all up to you. I won’t push you into something you don’t want.”
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