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Saturday, June 1, 2013

#MySexySaturday - Get carried away with my WIP, In His Service. @ellen__cross

I am so excited to welcome everyone to share in this, the first week of a brand new weekly experience called, My Sexy Saturday.

Each Saturday, participating authors will share a little something, either 7 words, sentences, or paragraphs, from either something they have published, or are working on. Aspiring author, or multi-published professional...all are welcome to join in the fun!

Why not click here, to continue your journey after you have joined me in my little teaser.

For this first week, I would love to share with everyone, seven paragraphs of a WIP I have near ready for submission, called, In His Service. If you love hot exotic locations, and even hotter men...then this one may be  just what you are after.

There on the floor, was the most delicious heart shaped backside he had ever seen, wiggling back and forth hypnotically in front of him. Ali watched for several minutes as the hips and bottom shimmied left, then right as the woman rubbed the fireplace thoroughly.

Unable to stop his mind wandering, he couldn't help but imagine what those hips would feel like, gripped in his hands as he drove himself deeply into her. Shaking his head to clear his thoughts, he bent forward to stand when she lent up to reach the highest points on the fireplace, and turned slightly to dust the top corner. In the light of the sun shining through the high window, Ali could see the delicious full curve of her breast, outlined through her blouse, the upturned tip straining against the fabric.

"Oh Allah be merciful," he thought as he felt himself harden, a heated throbbing quickly draining any rational thought of turning away from the sight in front of him. He watched her graceful movements, mesmerized, and wondered who this beauty could possibly be. The brilliant sunlight flooding the window from her waist up made it impossible to make out any details of her face, only a silhouetted profile gave him any clue, and from that alone he knew she was indeed beautiful.

As she stood her skirt rode up, exposing shapely, smooth calves and thighs. She tugged it down again, and he was silently disappointed at being denied the breathtaking view, until it hit him like a ton of bricks. Her calves and thighs were pale skinned! This woman could only be the law-breaking foreigner he had sentenced to work for him. Well, that ended that moment of pleasure.

He put the book carefully back into the bookcase and was just turning to leave the room when he noticed that she now stood on a stool, reaching right over on the tips of her toes so she could dust the top of a gold gilded mirror above the fireplace. As she strained to reach the very top of the ornate frame, the stool tottered sharply and started to tip.

As if in slow motion, Ali sprang into action, racing toward her and capturing her in his arms, just as she fell with a loud, "Oomph." 
He cradled her to his chest, as if she were a child. She felt so good, wrapping her arms around his neck to hold on. He couldn't help but lean over and inhale deeply of the lightly spiced scent of soap against the skin of her throat.  She turned, and every ounce of breath escaped his lungs as the brilliant emerald of her frightened eyes finally met his.

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