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Saturday, June 22, 2013

#MySexySaturday sneaks a peak into Wolf Sanctuary with @ellen__cross

Welcome to My Sexy Saturday, the weekly blog that features many talented authors, who freely share either 7 words, sentences, or paragraphs, from their work.
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This week I am sharing a little from upcoming  MM romance new release, Wolf Sanctuary

Reece's eyes sought out Sean. His very blood zinged through his veins as the power of the spirits coursed through his body. His cock lay thick and heavy against his abdomen, jerking when he spotted his hybrid mate watching him with an intense gaze—his nails unsheathed and digging into the arms of the chair he sat in. Sean had a near-feral glaze to his eyes, the red flecks had grown larger, giving the pupil's a ruby appearance—a clear indication that his thirst was riding him hard. He had the cure for that.
All it took was a small step to the side to showcase the long expanse of naked thigh and hip his loin cloth didn't cover, to his mate...and Sean leapt from the chair and hefted Reece over his shoulder in one quick movement. The air oomphed out of Reece as Sean practically ran through the cabin and slammed their bedroom door behind them 

Wolf Sanctuary will be coming soon to EXtasy Books, and all good ebook stores near you!! 

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