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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Hump Day Hook, up the sizzle, with another peak into Holly's Healing with @ellen__cross #HDH

Just when the mid-week slump was starting to slow you down...the Hump Day Hook weekly blog saves the day with another round of highly addictive temptations!
Why not join with me in sharing the small snippets on offer from the many extremely talented authors, who share with us each week?
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This week I share another sizzling temptation from my interracial ménage, Holly's Healing.
I don't think I need to set the scene with this one, it speaks for itself :)

A warm hand on his shoulder squeezed the tightly clenched muscles, making him realise just how stiffly he held his whole body. The reassurance that Wade was there with him lifted a huge weight off his chest. Relaxing his body, Dean leant in closer to Holly, wrapping his arms around her back as her tender kisses fuelled the fire within the pit of his stomach further. God, the feeling was unbelievable. How could a simple kiss stir such feeling within him? Was this what it was meant to feel like? Was this why teenagers around the world remained glued to each other’s faces constantly, regardless of who was watching?
 Holly's Healing is available at EXtasy Books, and where all good ebooks are sold.


  1. The attraction is really building here. And it's about to get sizzling hot. I know because I've read this book and it delivers.

  2. Sexy hook! Very nice!

  3. Sexy and steamy hook ... I can sense the tension building here can't wait for next week now!

  4. Very sexy snippet. Things are definitely heating up. Can't wait to read more!

  5. Ah, the joy of those early kisses, how beautiful! Great hook as always.

  6. Oh wow, hot! LOVE this hook :D

  7. Someone seems to be a bit pissed on the cover...